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Weed Control & Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn All Year

Having a beautiful green lawn year-round doesn’t happen by chance, but requires having a good weed control and maintenance plan. Here are some of our tips for maintaining beautiful grass during each season.

Each season in the Clayton area presents different challenges for keeping a healthy thriving lawn, but by timing your lawn care right, you will save money and have a lawn that will love you back. Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood by following these suggestions.

Spring Grass Tips

A healthy lawn always begins with getting an early start in Spring. First, start with a yard cleanup removing leaves, sticks, dead grass, and other debris that has fallen over winter. Throw what you pick up into your compost.

Once cleanup is done, move on to preparing your lawn for a season of new growth. If you have warm weather grass, now is the time to remove any dead grass by racking or using a dethatcher. Never dethatch when your lawn is dormant or stressed; you can damage it beyond recovery.

Next, it’s time to aerate which provides the needed oxygen, nutrients, and water to penetrate the soil, minimizing soil compaction, and encouraging deep root growth.

Then, apply a pre-emergent to prevent weeds from germinating along with a slow-release fertilizer to add nutrients that are needed to boost your grass for growth after winter.

Start mowing your lawn regularly at the height recommended for your type of grass. Be sure to have your irrigation system turned on and timers are set correctly.

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Regular Mowing

Mowing your grass regularly at its recommended height keeps your grass healthy and happy.

Summer Lawn Tips

Summer can be exceptionally tough on your grass, even if it is drought tolerant. Our weather has become more unpredictable year after year. With the heat that seems to be getting more drastic each year and for longer periods, it becomes more difficult to keep your lawn from drying out and weeds from taking over.

Here are some things to do to prevent your lawn from becoming overstressed and for good weed control.

  1. Water during the morning and evening to prevent evaporation. On severe heat days, water during the hottest time of the day.
  2. Use a combination of drip irrigation and spray heads to maximize hydration.
  3. Applying more fertilizer early, before the lawn becomes too dry.
  4. Apply herbicides to kill fast-growing crabgrass and weeds.
  5. Apply insecticides to kill grubs and other pests like grasshoppers.
  6. Maintain consistent mowing according to growth and weather. As temps rise, so should the length of your grass.

“A good lawn maintenance plan is the only way to achieve a healthy lush lawn.”

Under normal conditions, a lawn needs about an inch of water a week. But when conditions are hot and dry, and windy, you need to add water to replace what has evaporated. Water must have a chance to soak in so it reaches its roots. Each watering session should provide 1 inch of water, which may mean longer watering sessions.

During the summer season, your grass will need the most attention. But keeping up with its needs will ensure you have a lawn that can live on beautifully year after year.

Triple R Landscaping Summer Tips

Deep & Regular Watering

Relieve lawn stress from summer by having a good watering schedule.

Fall Yard Tips

Fall is the best time to reinvigorate your lawn with aerating, seeding, and fertilizing. With the cooler weather, your lawn can relax and regain growing energy. Adding nutrients now will help to strengthen and stimulate deep roots.

Your fall lawn chores should be the following:

  • Seed the entire lawn, but especially any bare spots.
  • Apply a fertilizer high in nitrogen and potassium.
  • Aerate to provide oxygen, moisture, and loosen compact soil.
  • Dethatch and rake up leaves regularly to allow sunlight to reach the grass.
  • Pull weeds and applying herbicides to prevent spring weeds.
  • Mow and water as needed.

Taking care of your lawn during the fall is much easier with the cooler temperatures. Enjoy the mild weather and remember whatever you do now will give you a beautiful lawn to look forward to this spring.

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Lawn tips by Triple R Landscaping

Winter Maintenance

Ahh, now you can relax a little. While you do not have any more fertilizing you should do a final mow before the last frost. Remove any deep amounts of fallen leaves and you can use them as mulch in flower beds.

Now is the time to maintain your lawn equipment for next year.

  • Be sure to have your irrigation systems turned off.
  • Turn your mower on a couple of times a month, making sure to keep your fluids full.
  • Order new rechargeable batteries for weeders, blowers, and edgers.
  • Replace old or broken equipment.
  • Clean shovels, hand shears, and clippers keeping them free of rust.

Help With Weed Control & Lawn Maintenace

Sometimes there just not enough time to keep on top of what you need to do to have a beautiful lawn. If you do not want to risk using the wrong fertilizers, herbicides, etc., now is time to set up your weed and lawn maintenance plan with Triple R Landscaping if you live in the Clayton area.

We offer plans to help you out and solve the problems your lawns might be having. Contact us today.

Seeding service in Garner NC
How often should I aerate my lawn in Garner NC