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Why It’s Important To Mulch Your Plants

No one likes to see weeds popping up and taking over their flower beds. But is weed control the only reason for mulching? There are quite a few reasons why it’s important to mulch your plants every year.

What Is Mulch?

Once you understand what mulch is, then you will see why it’s beneficial for the health of your garden.

Mulch is organic material used to cover the soil. It can be in the form of triple shredded mulch, chipped bark, pine straw, cedar mulch, cypress mulch, shredded leaves, or straw.

Throughout the year as it breaks down, organic matter is added to your soil providing nutrients and welcoming earthworms that help move and till the nutrients into the soil. This helps improve the soil’s structure and make your garden healthier and more resistant to pests and disease.

Triple R Landscaping Mulch
If possible, have your mulch delivered and dumped close to the area or beds to be worked in.

Why It’s Important to Mulch Every Year

We recommend mulching two times a year. Once in early Fall and once in early Spring.

Adding a good 3 inches of mulch in Spring insulates to keep the soil cool in the summer, protecting tender new plantings. This will also help suppress weeds and invading grasses before the heat of summer. Laying down fresh mulch retains moisture in the soil, which in turn conserves water.

“Mulch your beds not only for the instant beauty it creates but also for the health of your plants and trees.”

In Fall, mulching will keep your newly planted fall plants warm in the winter protecting them from frost heaving in winter.

Because of all its benefits, mulching should be done in your flower beds, vegetable gardens, and trees.

And last but not least, mulch instantly makes the garden bed look refreshed and your plants will pop. You have instant curb appeal!

Mulch Delivery or pick up at Triple R Landscaping in Clayton NC
Instant Curb Appeal
Instantly refresh the look of your yard with deep brown mulch. Shrubs, grass, and flowers will look even better.

Where Can You Use Gravel and Stone For Mulch?

Gravel and rock also work well as mulches in areas that require good drainage or beds with plants that like a little additional heat. Examples would be Mediterranean herb gardens and rain gardens.

Stone is hard to remove once added to beds, so give it a lot of thought before using stone or gravel as a mulch. There is less maintenance which is part of the beauty of when using this as a type of mulch.

Which mulch you use depends on the type of garden you have and the aesthetic you are looking for. There are more and more choices to pick from each year. Whatever form you pick will absolutely look beautiful and aid your garden for many years.

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