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Colors may vary with natural rock and stone so customer is encouraged to verify the rock prior to delivery. All sales final.

Pine straw minimum 100 bales. For less or to add to a current order, please call the office.


For same day delivery, please call. Delivery times are subject to change due to staffing or weather related issues. Shop/ Deliveries are closed on Sunday.

Triple R trucks deliver on concrete/asphalt/gravel driveways when delivering our products (OUR TRUCK WHEELS DO NOT LEAVE CONCRETE, ASPHALT OR GRAVEL DRIVEWAYS). We will NOT be able to go through Gates. Triple R is not responsible for any DAMAGES to driveways/parking lots/yards/property including minor oils spots/stains.
Please know that towns have contacted us about “IMPROPER DUMPING” and we are NOT ALLOWED TO DUMP ON STREETS & cannot “BLOCK ANY ROADWAY” for safety. Police have asked us to dump on DRIVEWAYS ONLY. We know this because we have received citations in the past. Thanks for understanding. If we do get some material in the road due to your driveway and/or situation it will be your responsibility to get out of the street. Triple R will not be responsible, and we will not provide refunds.

Triple R will NOT be able to dump near/under cables/powerlines/trees, or any structure including Basketball Goals. Triple R may not be able to dump on steep inclines. We will NOT be responsible for any damage & customer will pay Triple R for any damage to our Truck/Tarp. IF YOU PUT YOUR TARP near/around an overhead structure and it’s damaged during delivery, it’s your responsibility.

ALL VECHILES MUST BE OUT of DRIVEWAY for SAFE DUMPING. If cars are not moved before we arrive your cars may be blocked or if unable to DUMP for any reason CUSTOMER will be charged for DELIEVERY FEE/FUEL CHARGE. Additional FEE will be REQUIRED if we return.
Triple R will NOT be able to mix products on same truck, will not split loads, will not delivery to another house.

All orders are required to provide dumping instructions when making a delivery, it’s important for setting expectations. If the customer wants to meet the driver, we will need to contact the customer by “CALLING BEFORE”, this means that Triple R CAN NOT load our trucks to deliver the product unless we speak by phone before we load the product. If we CANNOT get ahold of you timely, please know this can delay your order and may need to be rescheduled to another day if we do not make contact. If dumping instructions are not provided, Triple R will not be able to complete order.

MILES: are based on Google Maps & our Truck Routes (might not be shortest route).

Triple R will ONLY DELIVER to DRIVEWAYS. If Triple R arrives for a Delivery & Customer refuses or Triple R is unable to dump/place in the driveway safely Triple R will not be able to complete order & will return with product to our facility. Triple R will then contact customer to refund the product MINUS the DELIVERY FEE.

NO COD (Cash/Check on Delivery).


PICKUP: Load on your OPEN TRUCK/TRAILER after you have picked out & paid. (Please know trailers with high sides or ramps do not work for our machines & your Pickup Truck tailgate must come down. If you want us to go on ramps, etc your responsible.

FOR ANY STONE/ROCK: Require you visit the Triple R location closest to you, confirm stone by tagging & paying with OFFICE.DELIVERY of PALLETS Wallstone/Flagstone: Triple R can deliver up to 2 or 3 PALLETS/delivery due to weight & which truck/trailer is available.
The product will “SLIDE OFF” the back of our trailer, GRAVITY will take over, & it should be intact but may not be upright (may be crooked, sideways, upside down). We DO NOT bring another Bobcat to move pallet/boulder. You may need wire cutters to cut the wire off pallet.

DELIVERY OF PALLET ROCKS: Triple R will deliver just like mulch (loose in bulk). We will cut ROCK out of PALLET & delivery. It will slide off the bed of the truck/trailer, gravity will take over. We will NOT keep the rock in the pallet. If you want another type of delivery, we respect that & you/landscaper are welcome to pick up.

BOULDER: We will bring on a truck/trailer and unload as close as we can to your location with our wheels staying on driveway/asphalt. Again, gravity takes over & where boulder lands on your property is a successful delivery. Customer will be responsible for moving the boulder to your specific location on your property. We DO NOT bring a machine to move the boulder, you need to hire a Landscaper, rent equipment, etc.
STRAW: (Pine Straw 100 Bales or 50 Rounds & Wheat Straw 75 Bales) minimum for delivery, once we arrive on-site we lift the truck bed & dump on driveways. We DO NOT hand unstack.
No warranty is made concerning the results obtained from the use of any product & does not take back product delivered or picked up.

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