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When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn in Garner, NC

Keeping a lawn in Garner, NC healthy and lush is very important to homeowners.  Successfully maintaining a lawn requires a few key steps. Lawn aeration is extremely important but is often an overlooked step in a happy lawn.

In just a short time. your lawn’s soil can become tightly packed, which can spell disaster for your plants and root systems. With the lawn aeration service we offer at Triple R Landscaping, we break up the upper layers of compacted soil in your lawn. This simple process reintroduces the healthy circulation of the elements your lawn needs to grow and thrive in the Garner, NC area.


What Determines The Best Time To Aerate?

The type of grass you grow will dictate the ideal time to aerate your lawn. Warm-season grasses like bahiagrass, Bermuda grass, centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, and zoysia grass will benefit the most from being aerated later in the spring, while cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue, and tall fescue should be aerated at the beginning of spring for optimal results.

Did you know there are visual signs to look for too? These are 5 clues to look for to know your soil needs aeration.


  1. Bare spots and stunted or stopped plant growth
  2. When puddles form on the lawn during light rainfall
  3. High foot traffic areas
  4. Where vehicles are frequently parked on the grass
  5. Brown patches forming in the grass
It's time to aerate when you have puddle in grass after a light rainfall

Puddles Forming

After only light rainfall, if you notice puddles for in the lawn it’s wise to aerate. The water is having a hard time seeping down to the roots and sitting water can rot grass and plant roots fast.

What Are The Benefits Of Aerating Your Garner, NC Lawn?

Aeration helps lawns in many ways. This process allows oxygen, nutrients, and water to penetrate the soil, minimizing soil compaction, and encouraging deep root growth. After aerating, you will quickly see your lawn stimulated and reinvigorated with fresh new growth.

Your lawn will also be healthier because aerating help to keep pest and disease problems at bay. 

“A good lawn maintenance plan will strengthen & protect your turf throughout every season.”

Triple R Landscaping Summer Tips

Stimulate Deep Roots

Keeping up with seasonal lawn maintenance like, aerating, seeding, and fertilizing, is made easy with Triple R Landscaping.

Other Ways To Reinvigorate Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance is a year-long endeavor. The basic ways to reinvigorate your lawn are with seasonal aerating, seeding, and fertilizing.

During cool weather, your lawn can relax and regain growing energy. Adding nutrients now in early spring will help to strengthen and stimulate deep roots. 

Our lawn maintenance tips include the following:

  • Seed the entire lawn, but especially any bare spots.
  • Apply a fertilizer high in nitrogen and potassium.
  • Aerate to provide oxygen, moisture, and loosen compact soil.
  • Dethatch and rake up leaves regularly to allow sunlight to reach the grass.
  • Mow and water as needed.

Caring for your lawn’s specific needs is easier when you give it what it needs during each season. 

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Reliable Lawn Maintenace Service in Garner, NC

Triple R Landscaping has many services built to keep your yard looking beautiful year-round. Sometimes there is just not enough time to keep on top of what you need to do to have a beautiful yard.

Now is the time to sign up for lawn maintenance services, which include aeration, so you can enjoy your lawn knowing it’s cared for right.

If you live in the Garner, NC area, schedule your service online today.

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