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We pride ourselves on our exceptional service. Delivery is part of the service our customers love. Please submit the form below and one of representatives will call you back shortly to schedule your delivery.

*Most of our requests are answered and delivered same day.*

Delivery Information and Guidelines

TRL Delivery Guidelines

Over 12 Cubic Yards & LESS than 10 miles from TRL Mulch Yard
No Delivery Charge
No Fuel Charge
(Free Delivery is for Mulch ONLY)

Over 12 Cubic Yards & MORE than 10 miles from TRL Mulch Yard
Delivery Charge- May apply & TRL to Determine
Between 3-9 Cubic Yards from TRL
Delivery Charge= $50.00/load
Fuel Charge= $4.00 per mile after first 10 miles from TRL

No Deliveries under 2 Cubic Yards and MUST be within 5 miles

*Delivery prices and guidelines are for Mulch, Rock, and Sand only. If you need pine straw delivered, there will be a flat delivery rate of $50.00 per order.*


  • TRL DOES NOT drive off concrete/asphalt when delivering our products. TRL is not responsible for damages to driveways, parking lots and/or yards- at customer request.

  • TRL will not be able to dump near or under cables, power-lines, or any over-head structure.

  • TRL may not be able to dump on steep inclines.

  • Please make sure dumping location is clear for TRL driver.

  • All orders are required to provide dumping instructions when making a delivery.  If not and customer wants to meet the driver, we will need to contact customer BEFORE TRL can load our trucks and deliver product. Please note, this can delay your order and may need to be rescheduled. 

  • DRIVER has ultimate authority when on site to make decisions on dumping at any location to ensure safety and abide by company policies. 

  • Delivery Charge and/or Fuel Charge will be based on quantity of order and distance from TRL and be determined by TRL.

  • LOOSE ROCK will be delivered just like mulch and soil. It will slide off the bed of the truck. Unless discussed prior to for drop spreading.


  • TRL is NOT responsible for any driveways and/or property at customer request. No warranty is made concerning the results obtained from the use of products

TRL Pickup Information

  • Bring your own TRUCK/TRAILER to pick up your landscape products. Please note that TRL CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage to your truck/trailer.

  • Technically all trucks/trailers should be covered/tarped when driving with material.

  • Please know how much weight your truck/trailer can hold, we can not be responsible and approximate weights are on each product page and on the Price Sheet.

  • TRL puts our products in the back of an OPEN TRUCK/TRAILER with a Front Loader, not in the back of trunks or top of a vehicle.

  • Please bring your own shovel, rake and tarp if needed.

  • All soils, mulches & rocks are sold by the (CY) cubic yard or ½ yard. Not sure how much you need? Visit our website to use our Mulch Rock and Sand Calculator.

  • 2 Ton Stone Pallets can not be broken up.

  • Please pay in the office first before we load your vehicle.

  • Children must be accompanied by their parent/adult and supervised at all times. Heavy equipment and trucks are in use at all times. This is NOT A PLAY GROUND. Parents/Adults are responsible for themself and the children/person with them of their own carelessness and not abiding to our policies. Safety is very important to us.

  • Once you place your order and payment is received TRL will give you a receipt to provide to the equipment operator.

  • TRL will direct you where to go and how to park so our Loader Operator can assist you safely with our Front Loader to put the material into the back of your TRUCK/TRAILER. We DO NOT load into SUV’s or cars.

  • For your safety please stay in your vehicle during loading.

  • We suggest you bring a tarp to cover your product when driving to your destination.

  • You might want to bring your shovel/rake to move your product around properly once on your truck/trailer, if needed.

  • Do not leave our facility until you confirm your order is correct.​ ALL SALES ARE FINAL and due to contamination RETURNS are NOT allowed.

  • Please know how much your truck/trailer can hold in weight as TRL can not be responsible for knowing how much your truck/trailer can hold in weight.

  • TRL is not responsible for any damages resulting from the loading of any products into pickup trucks.  All products vary in weight just like all trucks vary in the size and weight they can handle. Customer takes responsibility of how much can be loaded into trucks/trailers.

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