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don’t stop spraying your lawn this winter! 


Let’s talk about the importance of winter lawn care!

 Much of the maintenance you have to do to have a healthy lawn come spring starts in the winter, when temperatures are cool. Factors like precipitation, freezing temperatures and other elements can affect your lawn’s health during the season of dormancy.

My grass is dormant! Why do I need to continue spraying during the winter?

Fertilization efforts are always optimized when they are performed in conjunction with weed control, and that is certainly true during winter. For this reason, our winterizing fertilizers include a pre-emergent herbicide in them. Without the use of a pre-emergent in winter, any effects you hope to achieve through fertilization will be greatly diminished. While winter fertilizers will help your lawn store nutrients and prepare for spring, winter weeds will simply consume all the nutrients present in the soil if they are not remedied.

Many people think that the best time to address weeds is in spring or summer when they are more visible. However, spraying weed control in winter can actually be even more effective. Weeds are much easier to kill when they are young and small, so spraying them early on can help to prevent them from taking over your lawn months later. After all, the entire point of pre-emergent is to stop the spread of weeds before it begins, so attacking those winter weeds before they pop up in your lawn is the best way to deter weed growth and encourage healthy grass to grow.

What type of weeds grow in the winter time?

Dandelions – Dandelions are one of the most common and troublesome weeds that can plague a lawn. They have deep roots that make them difficult to kill, and they also produce a lot of seeds that can spread quickly.

Clover – Clover is another common weed that often shows up in lawns. It is a low-growing weed with small leaves that can be difficult to control.

Crabgrass – Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that germinates in spring, but it often shows up in winter as well. It has a spreading habit that can quickly take over a lawn if left unchecked.

Henbit – Henbit is a common winter weed that has purple flowers and square-shaped stems. It germinates in fall and often takes over lawns that have been damaged or neglected.

Onion Grass – Onion Grass germinates in the late fall and is a perennial weed meaning that it can live for several years rather than die off each season. This weed especially needs to be treated aggressively to keep at bay throughout the upcoming seasons.

Don’t ignore your lawn just because it’s cold outside!

Fortunately, because your lawn is not actively growing during winter, we can be a bit more aggressive when it comes to winter weed control. Too much of any product will have negative results, but this is the time of year to aggressively go after weeds without worrying too much about damaging your grass!

The expert technicians at Triple R Landscaping, LLC know just what your lawn needs this winter. Our Customized Turf Maintenance Program along with other important winter lawn care and landscaping services, will make sure your lawn is professionally maintained throughout the winter months. Call us today for all your winter lawn care questions and concerns!

“A good lawn maintenance plan will strengthen & protect your turf throughout every season.”

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